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- Name: Justin; nicknames include Justo, Gimpy
- Age: 19
- Location: Blowtastic Lancaster, Pa
- Birthplace/date: Lancater, pa. Oct. 23, 1984
- Level of education/job: finishing my freshman year at Penn State on friday.
- Fashion taste: whatever is comfortable. but mainly just cargo pants with band t shirts, or plain white tee's
- Political stance: I am not really paying attention to the presidential race thing. I am not going to vet this year, next time i might but its not a guarantee.

Favorites...(and why)
- music: my favorite bands are Rancid, Coheed and Cambria, Outkast, Cursive, Atom and his Package, Saves the Day, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, FATA, Atreyu, My Chemical Romance, Tegan and Sara, Johnny Cash, The Cure, American Steel, U.S. Bombs, The Addicts, and there are many more. I like most of these bands because of style and lyrical content. But as far as Rancid and Coheed goes, I love how they put on a great show, and how there is so much energy in their music.
- movies: Finding Nemo, because it is so funny, and such a good movie. LOTR trilogy, and Animal House. its so funny, and John Belushi(sp?) was hillarious in that movie.
- books: Green mile, LOTR series. There are a few other books i love, but i cant think of the exact names.
- artists: Picasso, Van Goh, DaVinci, and the guy who painted the melted clocks.
- TV show: Simpson's, Family Guy, South Park, Chappelle's show, and King of the Hill

What do you think of..
- George W. Bush: I am not too keen on George W. Bush. There have just been too many things that he did, that i dont agree with for me to like him.
- Jesus: I am Roman Catholic, and am a strong believer in Jesus.
- Feminism: I think it is fine that women want to stand up for what they think is right, in the aspect for fair treatment at work, and equal jobs as men.
- Euthanasia: I cannot make judgements for other people, if they would like to die when they get to the point of vegetation, then let them, if they want to live, let them.
- Immigration: I'm on the fence with this one. I would say let immigrants come over, but our nation is kind of crowded as it is, and i cannot stand when i go out to eat or to a bank or something, and cant understand a damn word that is being said to me, or when they have to go get their manager or supervisor to take my order because they dont speak english.
- Gay rights: YES, i believe gay people should have the same rights as everyone else. Why should they be discriminated against because of who they love?

- Are you a virgin and why? yes I am. I am very shy, and I guess that my mild case of cerebral palsy plays a role in my lack of confidence, and my rediculous amount of self conciousness.
- Who are your heroes/rolemodels? My rolemodel is Tim Kasher of Cursive. He is a lyrical/guitarical(made myself a new word) mastermind. i love his lyrics, and guitar skills.
- Who is the coolest person ever? Either Tim Kasher or Matt Freeman, the bassist of Rancid. They are both ridiculously stupid good at playing their instruments, singing, and their music. Or Robert Smith, he has THE COOLEST voice EVER!!!
- Why do you rock? I rock because of my personality, my sense of humor, and that i am not letting my dissability get the best of me, except when it comes to finding the right girl for me.
- Five cool things that make you unique: My sense of humor, my drive to keep going, my personality, my friends, and my taste in music.

my friends are super crazy, and uber stupid cool. i am the one being "licked" and i am aware that it is a bad picture.

me dressed up as the bible for halloween. my friends gave me a beard and said i was the bible.
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